Power Pack Website Package  
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Power Pack Website Package

Included in Power Pack Package Deal

Power Pack Website Package
Power Pack Webpage Design Package $495 + $25 per week for Web Hosting, Site Monitoring, Weekly SEO
  • A multi-level Webpages.
  • Great graphics that represent your industry, using ours and your images.
  • We will add the first 10 web pages, suited to your company‚Äôs needs.
  • 12 months online (you have the option to renew annually)
  • Email address for your web site example sales@yourcompany.com.au
  • Hosting of the website is included.
  • Enquiry form customised to your needs.
  • We build the site to be inviting to search engines.
  • Determine the most profitable keywords to use on your website.
  • Submission of your website to Google and other search engines.
  • Site Monitoring for uptime and virus protection.
  • Promote the site via direct search engine registrations, links and other methods.
  • SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) requires constant attention and adjustments to keep you high in the search results.

We list you worldwide in hundreds of search engines including Google.

To have a website that works well you need to have it Site Monitoring + Weekly Search Engine Optimization.

We Analyze Your Traffic and improve your site on a weekly basis

Contact us here and we will call you to answer any questions

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