About Websites For Free - Pro's and Con's
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About Free Websites.

there are a lot of free website companies, that allow you to create your own basic website full of there ads for free.

However, there is a lot of disadvantages to creating your own webpage using the free website services.

We have put together some pro's and con's to developing your own website

  Free Websites

Advantages to creating your own free website

Free is the main reason people choose to use the free website service.

However, this may cost you more than you think?


Disadvantages to creating your own website.

  • Writing your own website is very time consuming
  • There is a big learning curve to getting it right
  • The website will have ads taking the visitors away from your site
  • Getting a good listing in google is hard, do you have the time
  • While you are creating your site you are loosing customers
  • Will you have an Unprofessional look when you are finished
  • Can you spend time every week doing updates
  • Most free web sites look the same
  • Will it Work Properly when you are finished
  • Free website have very low traffic and visitors



  Free Websites

The biggest disadvantage !

You are not saving that much, a professional website can be as low as $10 a week.



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